RPT Motion Quick Connect Modular assembly system.

CNC Machined, strong, close tolelrance, one socket cap screw reassembly assembly of each joint, captive washer. 

Designed for 80/20 extrusions series and variants of 2020, 3030, 25-5050, and 40-8080, can be adapted to your custom modules easily.

Allows complex assemblies to be disassembled and reinstalled quickly and with minimal assembly skills.

Right angle, fixed angle, adjustable angle, linear, perpendicular and multiple connections  are available. 


RPT Motion Inc. will help you design and integrate your project.

Simple or complex, from a ready to build kit of parts to a complete precision assembly, our 20+ years of experience with t-slotted extrusions will work for you.

When custom parts are required, our CAD/CAM and CNC equipped shop is optimized for high precision parts in low to medium volumes. Our decades of experience with building parts to attach to T-Slotted extrusions will deliver the best possible finished assembly.




RPT Motion Inc., using the best of our Aesthetic Systems, our Modular Assembly Systems and our CNC Machined parts, integrates high quality mounting systems for digital signage monitors.

Single or double sided, freestanding fixed, freestanding wheeled, floor mount, wall mount, ceiling mount, single monitor or arrays, portrait or landscape. Because we integrate with 80/20 Inc. T-slotted aluminum extrusions, and our own modular assemblies, including a custom precision VESA Mount available in 3 or 6 axis adjustment, we can quickly modify our system to your choice of monitors and layout. We've planned paths for wiring and room for the components your digital sign needs, including cooling where required.

Our systems are tough enough for industrial environments and beautiful enough for a high end retail storefront. We will deliver the level of integration and custom design you need. Bring us your ideas and we'll build the digital signage monitor mounting system for you.


Quick Connections
RPT Motion Inc. manufactures custom modular connections for 80/20 Inc. T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions. These high quality precision components are designed for assemblies must be modular for transport, for assembly in difficult locations, for trade shows and any application that must be taken apart and reassembled more than once. Each connection is complete assembled with the installation of one socket cap screw, even the washer is captive, and end connections can be numbered in order of assembly so that little assembly skill onsite is required.
Precision T-Slotted Assembly
We can build almost anything large or small from 80/20 Inc. t-slotted aluminum extrusions, to your specifications. Frames for flight simulators, aviation tooling, complex large or small assemblies with embedded fasteners or custom parts. Send us your ideas, from a pencil sketch to a full 3D model and we'll work with you on your product.
Custom Machined parts
When 80/20's components don't fit your needs, RPT Motion's CAD/CAM and engineering is tightly integrated to our In-house CNC Milling and CNC turning shop. We are optimized for short to medium runs of high quality parts on short delivery cycles. Because we integrate with 80/20 T-Slotted extrusions we have 20+ years of experience making high quality add-ons for all t-slotted extrusions.
Precision modular linear motion
RPT Moduslide linear motion add-on system for 80/20 15 Series T-slotted extrusions has been proven in critical 24/7/365 production environments since 1996 including high speed servo powered multi- axis motion.
High Aesthetic System
RPT Motion Inc. has designed components to bring 80/20 T-slotted extrusions to applications demanding a higher level of aesthetics. We have many tricks including hidden hinges, flush door handles, billet end caps, and door and frame keys for rigid flush doors and frames.
Custom Monitor Mounts
RPT Motion Inc. specializes in creative custom mounting systems for digital signage. Highest quality, high aesthetic for any location, rugged and secure, but modular so that we can accommodate almost any monitor your application requires
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