Modular Motion For Extrusion

Designed to move real loads. Real fast. Bolts right into 15 series t-slot extrusions and runs on 3/4" Thompson rail and carriages. Bolt together what you need where you need it and move on with life.

Key Features

Heavy Duty

Built around 15 series t-slot extrusions for heavy loads and stiff frames for installations requiring serious rigidity.

Industrial Proven Rails

Uses Thompson 3/4" OD industrial round rail and bearing carriage. Rail mounts bolt directly into t-slots with alignments slots ensuring perfect tracking. Field proven for long life, durability, and performance.

Unlimited Possiblities

Your imagination is the limit: Overhead, underhung, box structures, single axis slides, compound motion stages, vertical and horizontal rams.


More than 20 years of 24/5-365 running installations with minimal maintenance. Some applications of include: Multi-Axis Automation, Pick/Place, Robot Transfer Slide,3D Printer/Cartesian Robot, And More...


Hundred's of Interchangeable, Ready to Integrate, Precision Connectors, Plates, and Accessory Brackets

 Currently Available for OEM and Licensing Opportunities Only.

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